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“Shortly after the Fort McMurray wildfires, we retained Virani Law. Their team helped us recover significantly more money from the insurance company. We had several issues with our insurer, from smoke damage to our personal contents, to getting the appropriate expenses reimbursed. Virani Law’s involvement not only sped up the settlement process, but they negotiated a deal that exceeded our expectations. Their legal fees were very reasonable and I would recommend them to other families in the Fort McMurray region or elsewhere.”

– TIMOTHY DROVER (Fort McMurray Fire Victim)

Web Icon ExtinguisherAfter going through a very difficult situation with my insurance company due to the fire incident that took place in Fort McMurray, I was faced with even more difficulty upon their refusal to help pay for my back filling and debris removal/clean up…

Upon my first meeting with [Virani Law], I felt a sudden sense of relief because it was evident that they were extremely knowledgeable and experienced with various situations. After less than two weeks of working with [Virani Law], I received news that my issues had been resolved and I had won my case. He made what seemed as an impossible task extremely manageable and was quickly able to achieve what had been requested of him. I am genuinely pleased with the work of Virani Law and will continue to work with them in the future if need be.”

– JOSEPH ANTONY (Fort McMurray Fire Victim)

Web Icon Extinguisher“Virani Law represented me after a devastating fire a year ago. I couldn’t be happier. Fy and his staff have negotiated a far better settlement than I had hoped for. He has been in contact with me through out the the whole process keeping me informed on the progress of my claim. Thank you Fy for all your hard work and effort.


Web Icon Extinguisher“Virani law firm delivered more than I expected! [Fy] has been very helpful personally and dealing with our insurance company… there’s no reason to stress out, just let them deal with your problems and guaranteed to be resolved! They are very honest, upfront with how they can help and also very helpful advice where one can help themselves! We are very satisfied with all the services provided to us by [Fy] representing Virani Law! All the best and if you do decide to hire Virani Law, you will get the best service and best results.


Web Icon ExtinguisherLast August 2015 we had a house fire. Our family got out safely but our house did not do so well! We thought we would deal with the insurance company on our own. However after the first meeting with the adjusters we realized that even with our “worldly” experience, we were out of our depth. Fortunately, we had previously been referred to Virani Law and immediately contacted Fy Virani. The first meeting with Fy was enough for us to know that we had made the right decision. Fy empathized with our situation and anxiety that we were going through…

There were many challenges in dealing with the insurance but at every turn Fy was there to assure us what our rights were and was very assertive in his dealings with the adjusters. Although we are displaced by the fire, Fy negotiated a living expense that has ensured that we continue the same lifestyle we had before the fire. This goes to his extensive experience and negotiating skills! And, because of those skills, we came to an extremely fair and reasonable settlement with the insurance company.

Sometimes there is a hesitation in retaining a lawyer and going it alone. But with all the trauma of being displaced, the emotions that we go through, those feelings would come in the way of dealing with the insurance company. It is reassuring to know that your rights will be protected and a fair settlement can be negotiated. Virani Law helped us do that and we highly recommend their services to anyone we meet. We have found that with Virani Law on our side it has helped our family overcome the tragedy of losing our home and the monetary settlement that Fy negotiated was extremely useful towards that end.


Web Icon Extinguisher“I hired Virani Law after having problems with getting my mass evacuation coverage. As a single mother with a young child I felt I was being treated unfairly by the insurer. Virani Law was able to get me and my son a settlement that was much more than the insurance company was originally offering. Thank you for all your help!” 


Web Icon Extinguisher“Virani Law helped me after a few months of back and forth with my insurance company. The insurance company refused to pay out my full contents coverage. I hired Virani Law after receiving an offer I was unhappy with and they were able to get my contents coverage paid out in full. Dealing with the insurance company was incredibly frustrating. I wish I had hired them sooner! I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a residential loss.”


Web Icon Extinguisher“After the tragic fire at our home, Fy helped me emotionally and physically to deal with the aftermath and to help me deal with the insurance company and all the paperwork involved. He was with me every step of the way and helped me understand my policy. During the most stressful time of my life, Fy helped us in relocating, he helped me get settled early on, and got me a cash advance quickly from the insurance company. He handled all the communication with the insurance company as I was in no shape to handle anything, let alone the paperwork. We lost a life in the fire and the insurance company had questions before the funeral was even complete. Fy handled everything from the outset. 

He did a wonderful job on getting the insurance company to double their original offer. He was also able to negotiate a substantial increase in price on the structure of the home.  Without him, I would have gotten far less money and I would have been totally stressed out. I pray that nothing like this ever happens to anybody.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s dealing with any type of property loss.”


Web Icon Extinguisher“I am happy to provide a testimonial for Fy Virani at Virani Law. During the summer of 2015, there was a fire at our apartment building and we were displaced and will continue to be so for some 18 months while the building is being restored. In dealing with the Insurance and Restoration companies, I thought I was in good hands and I felt quite comfortable during the first three days after the fire – lots of promises made, compassion shown and reassurances given. Sadly it all disappeared after the fourth day.  One month later I had received no support, no financial assistance and no-one seemed to be available on the phone to talk to.

I called Fy Virani over that 4th weekend, he clearly told me what he could do for me, how he would go about it and the cost. Nothing hidden… everything clear.  I accepted and the next day (Monday) he sent me the contract to sign which I immediately did and returned to him.  That same afternoon he called me and said he had arranged for my first cheque towards my living out expenses! I was shocked – and elated of course. I felt completely at ease and let him take care of the claim. He kept me updated regularly. There were many ‘surprises’ when the Restoration bills started pouring in… they had almost tripled. But Fy took care of it; he patiently persisted, and this past week, 3 months after the fire and 2 months after I acquired Fy’s services, I have my cheque from the insurance company. Thank you !! I don’t wish anyone to be in a situation as mine but if ever you were involved in a property fire situation, I highly recommend Fy Virani – he knows what he is doing and how to go about getting the best for the client victim.”


Web Icon Extinguisher“On behalf of Mrs. Zarina Hasham I am writing few words for your outstanding performance results that were achieved in dealing with insurance company. Having hired you, we found you very honest, straightforward and getting 100 % results for our claim. We also experienced that you are very hardworking and responsive to all our inquiries no matter what time of the day we called you. We were very pleased with the favourable results and your excellent performance. I also found you very reasonable and friendly person. I would recommend anybody and everybody to consult you in event of any insurance claims to contact you and get 100% results. In future if we need any lawyer to deal with insurance claim, that will be Fy Virani. It was pleasure doing business with you.”


Web Icon ExtinguisherOur work with Fy and his team was aimed to make sure that we received all our insurance coverage. Fy worked with due diligence and long hours that was beyond our expectations in terms of recovering all the amounts during the fire at 3950 Linwood Street where all our assets were destroyed. The insurance company sent us recoverable items, which were not exactly recovered. They also attempted to underpay for items we lost. The speed with which he negotiated with the insurance company was commendable and  Fy’s ability to cut through the predictable restoration charges, delivered the most unexpected results.

We highly recommend Virani Law for any negotiations with the insurance company as we recovered significantly more money with the assistance of their team.


Web Icon Hands Shaking“Fy was my lawyer for an employment grievance with a former employer. Hiring Fy was the best decision I ever made. He is the type of lawyer that put the needs of his customers first, and always made me feel that my concerns were given consideration. He clearly explained my options and ensured I felt educated about my decisions. With Fy, I was confident that I would get the best results, and I did! Fy worked to get me a speedy and fair settlement. His integrity, professionalism, and friendly approach is why I would recommend Fy to anyone looking for a lawyer who truly as your best interests at heart!”


Web Icon ExtinguisherI don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am with how you handled my case. Being up against a huge company in BC, who were not willing to even pay for my medical bills after my injuries was very difficult. With your expertise you managed to get me a payout I was happy with. You handled the entire case so promptly that I never had to worry about anything at all, you’re the best… thank you so much. I must say you are a great lawyer, with a great team, and you bring in great results. Thank you again and God bless you.”