Home Insurance Claims Guide

Virani Law Home Insurance Guide

House fires, floods, and natural disasters can damage or destroy your home in an instant. Our personal experience sets us apart. We know you have to manage your family’s emotional recovery, but Virani Law can help navigate the insurance claim and ensure that your financial settlement is efficient, fulsome, and fair.

Download our claim guide to learn more about the claim process and how Virani Law is equipped to assist. For further information or to begin the free consultation process, click ‘Free Consultation’.

Damage to your home results in three distinct coverage areas

  1. Structure/Dwelling

    This varies from policy-to-policy, but should generally cover the cost of rebuilding a comparable structure to the home you had prior to the loss; a multitude of issues can arise when your vision for the repairs do not match the Insurance Company’s suggestions.

  2. Personal Contents

    This will depend on your policy, but should generally provide a fair portion of the funds required to replace or repair your damaged or destroyed personal possessions; issues can arise with regard to items left off the list, undervaluation, and over-depreciation.

  3. Additional Living Expenses (ALEs)

    This will be policy-specific, but should generally cover the new and additional costs associated with being forced to leave your home; issues can arise about knowing what to claim, navigating payment schedules and minimizing financial stress.


“Virani Law represented me after a devastating fire a year ago. I couldn’t be happier. Fy and his staff have negotiated a far better settlement than I had hoped for. He has been in contact with me through out the the whole process keeping me informed on the progress of my claim. Thank you Fy for all your hard work and effort.”
“Shortly after the Fort McMurray wildfires, we retained Virani Law. Their team helped us recover significantly more money from the insurance company. We had several issues with our insurer, from smoke damage to our personal contents, to getting the appropriate expenses reimbursed. Virani Law’s involvement not only sped up the settlement process, but they negotiated a deal that exceeded our expectations. Their legal fees were very reasonable and I would recommend them to other families in the Fort McMurray region or elsewhere.”
“Virani Law helped me after a few months of back and forth with my insurance company. The insurance company refused to pay out my full contents coverage. I hired Virani Law after receiving an offer I was unhappy with and they were able to get my contents coverage paid out in full. Dealing with the insurance company was incredibly frustrating. I wish I had hired them sooner! I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a residential loss.”
“I hired Virani Law after having problems with getting my mass evacuation coverage. As a single mother with a young child I felt I was being treated unfairly by the insurer. Virani Law was able to get me and my son a settlement that was much more than the insurance company was originally offering. Thank you for all your help!”