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We make home
insurance claims easier

We Lived It. We Can Help.

We make home
insurance claims easier

We help families:

Recover. Resolve. Rebuild

More than a
Law Firm

In 2014 Fy Virani’s family suffered a devastating house fire, losing a loved one along with the home. Fy took that first-hand experience and opened Virani Law to help homeowners navigate their own insurance claims with the support and expertise they need to ensure the best possible settlement.

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Our values

Be heard

With a free consultation we listen to your story and strategize an effective method of achieving fair results with your Insurer.

Be understood

We have been in your shoes and know how stressful and unfamiliar the process can be. We stand by and assist people across Canada.

Legal access

We pride ourselves on offering unique legal fee structures so that you can get the expertise you need without worrying about costs.

Fair solutions

We use the law and our experience to ensure your insurance settlement is fair. We are becoming Canada’s leader in residential loss negotiations.

Why You Should Choose Virani Law

  • Experienced Negotiators

    As lawyers our expertise is negotiating on your behalf. We are becoming Canada’s leader in property damage loss negotiations.

  • Legal Knowledge

    We protect your legal rights to ensure you are treated fairly. Your policy is a contract. Policy interpretation is key and we understand the fine print.

  • Flexible Billing

    We want people to have access to proper legal advice, so we offer a variety of fee structures to determine what’s best for you.

  • Personal Understanding

    Having personally experienced a tragic loss, our team has a unique viewpoint that cannot be replicated. We have walked in your shoes.


“Virani Law represented me after a devastating fire a year ago. I couldn’t be happier. Fy and his staff have negotiated a far better settlement than I had hoped for. He has been in contact with me through out the the whole process keeping me informed on the progress of my claim. Thank you Fy for all your hard work and effort.”
“Shortly after the Fort McMurray wildfires, we retained Virani Law. Their team helped us recover significantly more money from the insurance company. We had several issues with our insurer, from smoke damage to our personal contents, to getting the appropriate expenses reimbursed. Virani Law’s involvement not only sped up the settlement process, but they negotiated a deal that exceeded our expectations. Their legal fees were very reasonable and I would recommend them to other families in the Fort McMurray region or elsewhere.”
“Virani Law helped me after a few months of back and forth with my insurance company. The insurance company refused to pay out my full contents coverage. I hired Virani Law after receiving an offer I was unhappy with and they were able to get my contents coverage paid out in full. Dealing with the insurance company was incredibly frustrating. I wish I had hired them sooner! I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a residential loss.”
“I hired Virani Law after having problems with getting my mass evacuation coverage. As a single mother with a young child I felt I was being treated unfairly by the insurer. Virani Law was able to get me and my son a settlement that was much more than the insurance company was originally offering. Thank you for all your help!”