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Commercial damage

A commercial fire or flood can bring an abrupt halt to business and put a company’s future in jeopardy. We negotiate the insurance claim so that our clients and their companies can get back up-and-running and begin to recover.

Commercial Insurance policies vary widely, but generally speaking there are three distinct coverage areas:

  1. Business interruption insurance

    This varies by policy, but generally, it covers lost business income as well as those expenses that continue to accrue even when a company has to be temporarily shut down; issues can arise when proving the amounts at issue and managing payment schedules to stay up-do-date with business responsibilities.

  2. Business contents, equipment, and inventory

    This will depend on your policy, but these coverages will generally provide reimbursement for a fair portion of the costs associated with replacing all of the damaged and destroyed items in the building; issues can arise with regard to what coverage area each item falls into, under-valuation, and over-depreciation.

  3. Structure

    This varies from policy-to-policy, but should generally cover the cost of rebuilding a comparable structure to the one you had prior to the loss; a multitude of issues can arise when your vision for the repairs do not match the Insurance Company’s suggestions.