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Our story sets us apart

In January 2014 Fy Virani’s family was devastated by a residential fire in Guelph, Ontario.

Experiencing a tragedy

The residential fire took one life, and left four family members in the hospital. The home was destroyed and the family was left without the support they needed. Fy spent the next year caring for his family and utilizing his legal knowledge and skill to make sure that the insurance company provided a fair settlement.

After negotiating the claim, Fy’s family received more than double the Insurance Company’s original offer. While an insurance settlement can never replace the loss a homeowner suffers, it is a vital step in allowing families to move forward and rebuild their lives. Learn more about what inspired Virani Law and reach out if you are one of the tens of thousands of Canadians who have experienced a fire, flood, or other residential loss.

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Our team

Ensuring peace of mind for families from coast-to-coast

Fy Virani
Lawyer | Partner
Jess Stewart
Lawyer | Partner
Stefan Wittman
Associate Counsel
Anna Morris
Associate Lawyer
Alyssandra Kent
Jessica Nathaniel
Chloe Prutton
Jazmine Holden
Case Manager
Ben Perreault
Case Manger/Executive Assistant
Megan Hood-Gore