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Residential damage

A house fire or flood can be unexpected, fast, and devastating. Families can lose their home and all of their cherished possessions in a matter of minutes. We have been in your shoes, and we can help you move forward.

The Beauchesne Family

Virani Law secured a six-figure settlement for the Family who had been offered no compensation after the Fort McMurray wildfires.

Why You Should Choose Virani Law

  • Experienced Negotiators

    As lawyers our expertise is negotiating on your behalf. We are becoming Canada’s leader in property damage loss negotiations.

  • Legal Knowledge

    We protect your legal rights to ensure you are treated fairly. Your policy is a contract. Policy interpretation is key and we understand the fine print.

  • Flexible Billing

    We want people to have access to proper legal advice, so we offer a variety of fee structures to determine what’s best for you.

  • Personal Understanding

    Having personally experienced a tragic loss, our team has a unique viewpoint that cannot be replicated. We have walked in your shoes.

Damage to your home results in three distinct coverage areas

  1. Structure/Dwelling

    This varies from policy-to-policy, but should generally cover the cost of rebuilding a comparable structure to the home you had prior to the loss; a multitude of issues can arise when your vision for the repairs do not match the Insurance Company’s suggestions.

  2. Personal Contents

    This will depend on your policy, but should generally provide a fair portion of the funds required to replace or repair your damaged or destroyed personal possessions; issues can arise with regard to items left off the list, undervaluation, and over-depreciation.

  3. Additional Living Expenses (ALEs)

    This will be policy-specific, but should generally cover the new and additional costs associated with being forced to leave your home; issues can arise about knowing what to claim, navigating payment schedules and minimizing financial stress.

Our goal is to negotiate claims with Insurance Companies in the quickest and fairest way possible. If necessary, we represent homeowners’ interest at Appraisal and Dispute Resolution appearances, and we can pursue a civil claim where settlement is not possible.

Virani Law is fully operational and we continue to help families across Canada during Covid-19.
Free Consultations are available over the phone or through video conferencing. Stay safe.