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Virani Law is a small firm based in Guelph, Ontario, servicing clients across Canada. In January of 2014, Fy Virani’s family experienced a residential fire in Guelph, Ontario. The fire took one life and left four family members in the hospital. The house was destroyed and the family was in need of support. Fy spent the next year caring for his family and utilizing his legal expertise to ensure that they received a fair settlement.

After negotiations, Fy’s family walked away with more than double the insurer’s original offer. While an insurance settlement cannot replace loss, it is a vital step to help families move forward and rebuild. Learn more about what inspired Virani Law and reach out to us if you are one of the tens of thousands of Canadians that have experienced a fire, flood or other form of residential loss.

Photo of 4 Deerpath the day after the fire

“It is reassuring to know that your rights will be protected and a fair settlement can be negotiated. Virani Law helped us do that and we highly recommend their services to anyone we meet.”


“That same afternoon he called me and said he had arranged for my first cheque towards my living out expenses! I was shocked – and elated of course. I felt completely at ease and let him take care of the claim.”


“Virani Law represented me after a devastating fire a year ago. I couldn’t be happier. Fy and his staff have negotiated a far better settlement that I had hoped for.”



When you contact us, we will arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss your situation. Primarily, we will try to understand your urgent needs and your long term hopes for settlement. In that first communication, we will ask to review your insurance policy, so that we are able to get a full understanding of your particular situation. We look at each aspect of your insurance policy – additional living expenses (ALEs), structure, and contents – and we help you navigate it. This all falls under your free consultation. As we have personally experienced a residential fire, we want to make sure we can add value to your claim and that you are comfortable with our team before moving forward.


The first thing we do is to alleviate any immediate stress. This often involves obtaining a cash advance from the insurance company. We want make sure you are not financially burdened by a fire or flood. We also want to ensure that you maintain a similar standard of living until you have resettled. We make sure that all the appropriate expenses you incur are covered, as the adjuster may not inform you of all of your legal rights.


Disagreements can arise in the scope of work involved in restoring or rebuilding your home. We ensure that our client’s are not short-changed. In the past, this has involved engaging additional engineers, builders, etc. to ensure that our client’s are treated fairly. Even though, each structure is different and each client’s policy is different, though we have been able to consistently provide guidance to homeowners in need.


This is often the largest and most controversial aspect of a claim. Our clients often deal with the devaluation and over depreciation of their items. By managing the process of creating and/or evaluating a schedule of loss, we are able to ensure that the homeowner is not leaving money on the table. We have successfully helped families across Canada navigate this process, leaving them with the financial capacity to recover after their loss.


If you have experienced a fire, a flood or another form of residential loss, contacting us right away can be tremendously beneficial. Often, in the immediate aftermath, there is an urgent need to have access to funds and to get relocated. We often see individuals and families make costly mistakes during this early time. We make sure that you do not endure financial stress by protecting your rights afforded to you by your insurance policy. While we recommend to contact Virani Law right away, reaching out to us at any point is beneficial, as we ensure that you do not take a discount on funds that are owed to you.


At an early age, Fy’s parents instilled in him the value of family, education, hard work, and strong community. Originating from Guelph, Ontario, Fy grew up playing hockey, which culminated in a junior hockey career for five seasons. His passion for law was inspired through the desire to help others in need. He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Criminal Justice and Public Policy with a minor in Business from the University of Guelph. He later graduated from the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law, with a Juris Doctor.

Previously, Fy worked at a large law firm in Toronto, as well as a boutique firm in Victoria, BC. He gained valuable experience in areas of personal injury, family, and criminal law. Notably, Fy conducted critical research surrounding a controversial constitutional issue in a criminal murder case, which was successfully overturned at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Fy founded Virani Law in 2015 after helping his family when they suddenly lost their home to a fire. While his family struggled through the insurance difficulties and emotional burdens, he engaged with the insurance company and achieved a substantially increased insurance payout. Following this experience, he wanted to help others in need after a residential loss. Since that time, Virani Law has helped numerous families save hundreds of thousands of dollars across Canada.