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Nobody can prepare you for a fire or a flood in your home. We understand the emotions that can arise after experiencing a loss, such as anger, resignation, frustration and sadness. When you hire Virani Law, we are always accessible for our clients, providing you with the support that is needed during such a difficult time. We recognize that our clients have gone through a difficult setback and are not looking to incur a costly legal bill. The adjuster is the insurance company’s expert and acts in the best interests of the insurer. Virani Law levels the playing field between the insurance company and the homeowner.


When a home experiences a fire or flood, it can be tremendously difficult to recover. From the damage to your home to the loss of your possessions, individuals and families can often feel overwhelmed, specifically with the home insurance claim process. Your insurance company will not wait for you to digest the magnitude of this disaster. Your insurance adjuster will attempt to move forward with a settlement in a manner that is best suited for the company. Home insurance claims can be challenging at the best of times, let alone in a time of loss, where you will be pressured by an expert adjuster to settle your claim for less than its actual value.

There a number of steps we will take to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your insurance coverage. After reviewing your home insurance policy, we will help you understand every aspect of your claim. Many policies contain different thresholds for various categories such as “additional living expenses”, “personal contents/property”, and the actual “structure” of the home. Through our personal and professional experience, we know that it is common for families to leave thousands of dollars of coverage on the table, as they are not familiar with the process. Our team will negotiate in all of your coverage areas, while assisting you with other issues that may arise, ensuring you get the proper respect and monetary compensation from the insurance company, without the stress of dealing with them.


If you have experienced a fire, a flood or another form of residential loss, contacting us right away can be tremendously beneficial. Often, in the immediate aftermath, there is an urgent need to have access to funds and to relocate. We often see individuals and families make costly mistakes during this time. We make sure that you do not endure financial stress by protecting your rights, afforded to you by your contract of insurance. While we recommend to contacting Virani Law right away, reaching out to us at any point is beneficial, as we ensure that you do not take a discount on funds that are owed to you.


When you contact us, we will arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss your situation. Primarily, we will try to understand your urgent needs and your long term hopes for settlement. In that first communication, we will ask to review your insurance policy, so that we are able to get a full understanding of your particular situation. This all falls under your free consultation. We are not your traditional law firm, as our billing is based on the value we can add. We conduct a lengthy free consultation because we want you to feel comfortable before moving forward with our team.